Hidden Desires Comic Pack

Hidden Desires comic pack

Hey there ^^

This comic pack will feature the comic “Hidden Desires” that you can find on my galleries, but in high resolution!!! So if you want to see any of those pages in their full glory you’re in the right place ^^

I also included a new rendered image series of Istaryl, I really liked that messy sketch of him I did recently, and took the opportunity to render that image out ^^. This image will also be available in my other galleries later, so you’re getting it before anyone else, and in High resolution as well!

Disclaimer: The following comic contains erotic/sex scenes that could be considered non-consensual between two fictional characters in a fictional situation, so it can hurt the susceptibility of some people. The content creators do not condone these acts in any way in real life (or any other form of abuse). It is recommended to read/see it judiciously. This also means you must be 18 or older to download it. This digital download consists of a single zip file containing the following:

3 versions of the comic in full resolution (2,968 × 4,637 px)
- Normal comic
- Textless comic (no pesky dialogue boxes covering the art!)
- Sketched pages

Complete Hidden desires story in PDF version

1 rendered image series (2,976 x 3,844 px)
- Istaryl clothed
- Istaryl nude
- Istaryl flaccid

15 Sketches and extra images Mostly sketches showing parts of the design process, as well as some unused poses ^^

I set the base price of the art pack at $5, but feel free to add a little extra if you want to leave a tip! ^^ specially since half the earnings of this pack will go to Cheetahs! so you’re actually helping us both out X3

To get your download link, simply click on the “Add to cart” button below ^^

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254.35MB ZIP Download

USD 5.00

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