TSC 2015 Art Pack

Hey there ^^

This art pack will feature most of my non-commission work in my gallery from 2015 (and a bit of 2016), but in high resolution!!! So if you want to see any of these images in their full glory you’re in the right place ^^

I also included 3 PSD files, showing you 3 different methods I use to render my images, one of them shows you my usual full render, the other two are examples of different approaches to digital painting

Most of the images included in this art pack are of an adult nature, so you must be 18 or older to download it. This digital download consists of a single zip file containing a total of 54 images and 3 PSD files:

32 rendered images
- Slit day mini comic (4 images) 6,075 x 5,265 px
- Agumon (2 images) 2,550 x 3,389 px
- Chespin x Quilava (4 images) 2,550 x 3,300 px
- Guilmon (3 images) 2,550 x 3,300 px
- Lucario x Riolu (3 images) 5,069 x 4,599 px
- Lagiacrus (2 images) 3,983 x 4,300 px
- Arcanine (4 images) 2,686 x 5,229 px
- Nargacuga (2 images) 3,179 x 4,181 px
- Dancing Charmeleon (4images) 2,100 x 2,615 px
- Dinosaur Land (2 images) 3,000 x 2,175 px
- Gabumon 2,550 x 4,440 px
- Liquid tutorial 2,550 x 11,654 px

22 Sketches (some from the stuff on my gallery, some from drawings that were never finished, so they have not been seen before XD)

3 PSD Files
- Guilmon (Digital Painting)
- Lucario x Riolu (Full Render)
- Lagiacrus (Digital Painting)

I set the base price of the art pack at $5, but feel free to add a little extra if you want to leave a tip X3

To get your download link, simply click on the “Add to cart” button below ^^

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316.74MB ZIP Download

USD 5.00

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